OSCE OSCE helps you learn how to collect, verify, and analyze data from open source technologies to help monitor human rights violations. Examples of where this data can come from are social media, images, videos, mapping tools, and satellite imagery. Visit Organisation

Xinjiang Data Project

Xinjiang Data Project This source provides research on the Human rights situation for Uyghurs and other non Han nationalities in the Xinjianf Syghur Autonomous Region in Western China. Using open source data this source endeavors to provide information on human rights issues in the region. Visit Organisation

RUSI Project Sandstone

RUSI Project Sandstone RUSI Project Sandstone is an effort to expose North Korean elicit shipping networks. Project Sandstone uses open-source data-mining and data- fusion to spot activity. This project doesn’t use classified data to be able to provide evidence to those who enforce policy. Visit Organisation

Stanford CISAC

Stanford CISAC The Mapping Militants Project provides a wide variety of maps detailing the spread of different militant groups around the globe.  It also features profiles for these groups going in depth about where they are located as well as their modus operandi. Visit Organisation