About Us

The Global Weapons Tracking Portal (GWTP) website is a directory to organisations tracking weapons, human rights abuses, and other threats to human security. The GWTP website connects users to publicly-available monitoring tools and services. It was made by students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in collaboration with SOAS, University of London and Oxfam.

Team 1:
Emily Bubencik, Evan Llewellyn, Julia Ormerod, Maxwell Westreich
Team 2:
Jack Ayvazian, Kimberly Coudrey, Benjamin Lunden, Victor Mercola, Donovan Tames
Team 3:
Reese Haly, Jack Hoover, Natasha Ussrey, Hayley Wigren
The GWTP is a product of students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) as a part of the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP). The IQP serves as a unique component to WPI’s signature project-based curriculum. Students are given the opportunity to experience solving a problem that lies at the intersection between science and society. The project involves teams of students from various academic disciplines working together to benefit a community by addressing an interdisciplinary issue that links science, engineering, and technology to social science. Through WPI’s Global Projects Program, students not only address the needs of their local community, but those from around the world by collaborating with hosts globally.
The Strategic Concept for Removal of Arms and Proliferation (SCRAP) is a campaign that suggests using proven agreements as a basis for general and complete disarmament (GCD). SCRAP Weapons reintroduces the universal control of all weapons into diplomatic debates, focusing on both global controls of major conventional weapons, and the elimination of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.
SCRAP Representatives:
Dan Plesch
Henrietta Wilson
Zahraa Kapasi
Oxfam Representative:
Martin Butcher
Oxfam has supported disarmament projects since the Ottawa Convention in the 1990s, and most notably was a leader in the campaign for the Arms Trade Treaty. Oxfam has supported the SCRAP Weapons project since its inception, conscious that the UN aim of “General and Complete Disarmament” would make aggressive war impossible and substantially enhance the chances of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as ending the immediate civilian harm caused by major wars. Oxfam is happy to collaborate on the Global Weapons Tracking Portal as it is an important gateway to the means to track illegally and irresponsibly traded arms, and to build a case with exporting countries and the UN for stronger enforcement of the ATT and other treaties.