Images and Videos

Syrian Archive

The Syrian Archive Syrian Archive is a Syrian led project that aims to preserve, enhance and memorialise documentation of human rights violations and other crimes committed by all parties to conflict in Syria for use in advocacy, justice and accountability. Visit Organisation

Forensic Architecture

Forensic Architecture Forensic Architecture investigates state and corporate violence, human rights violations and environmental destruction all over the world. Their work often involves open-source investigation, the construction of digital and physical models, 3D animations, virtual reality environments and cartographic platforms. Within these environments they locate and analyse photographs, videos, audio files and testimonies to reconstruct …

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New York Times Visual Investigations Unit

New York Times Visual Investigations Unit The New York Times Visual Investigations Unit creates video investigations that focus on explaining different major events that occur. They are dedicated to discovering the truth and interpreting incidents on a wide range of topics through investigative reporting and forensic analysis. Visit Organisation


ConflictID C4ADS has a project called ConflictID which deals with images of weapons in South Sudan. They collect, categorize, and analyze these pictures from the conflicts going on there since there isn’t a lot of documentation for it. They have images of small arms; light and heavy weapons; and vehicles. Visit Organisation

EU Arms Project

EU Arms Project The EU Arms Project aims to keep track of the arms exports that occur in Europe. With the help of journalists, investigators, and experts, the whereabouts of the exports of small and large weapons are monitored. This is important information to have so that weapons do not end up in conflict zones …

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